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          摘要導讀: 觀研天下(北京)信息咨詢有限公司(以下簡稱 觀研天下)非常重視對您的個人隱私保護,有時候我們需要某些信息才能為您提供您請求的服務,本隱私聲明解釋了這些情況下的數據收
          觀研天下(北京)信息咨詢有限公司(以下簡稱 觀研天下)非常重視對您的個人隱私保護,有時候我們需要某些信息才能為您提供您請求的服務,本隱私聲明解釋了這些情況下的數據收集和使用情況。

          Insight & Info Consulting Ltd attaches great importance to the privacy of your personal, sometimes we need some information to provide you the service you requested, this privacy statement explains data collection and usage of these cases.
          This privacy statement applies to all relevant services of the concept of research the world, with the concept of research the world the expansion of the scope of services, privacy statement by the concept of research world updated at any time and without prior notice. Once the updated privacy statement published on a web page that effectively replace the privacy statement.

          首先我們會對客戶企事業單位或個人基本信息和所從事經濟活動做一份簡單記錄。在與報告相關聯情況下會詳細了解客戶企事業單位或個人所從事經濟活動詳細信 息。通常,在您下單后我們會記錄您的:姓名,Email地址,公司全稱,報告全稱,所要發送信件的詳細地址,電話號碼。

          What information we collect
          First of all, we would be the client enterprises or basic personal information and engage in economic activity to do a simple record. Associated with the report, a detailed understanding of customer enterprises, institutions or individuals engaged in economic activity for more information. Typically, after you place your order, we will record your: Name, Email address, company name, full name, you want to send the correspondence address, telephone number.

          (a) 滿足法律或行政法規的明文規定
          (b) 保護觀研天下的權利或財產
          (c) 在緊急情況下保護觀研天下員工、觀研天下產品或服務的用戶或大眾的個人安全。

          About your company or personal information

          Insight & Info Consulting Ltd is strictly protect the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information will not be use or disclosure.

          Insight & Info Consulting Ltd will be
          (a) conform to the laws or administrative regulations expressly provided
          (b) protect the rights or property of the Kwun research world
          (c) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of the view of the research world employees, users or the public of the concept of products or services of the research world.
          Insight & Info Consulting Ltd will not without your permission this information shared with third parties, this statement has been listed above except in the case.

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